Anthro commissions & more

Heya, glad to see you here! Yosha’s at your service!

I’m a 2D freelance artist from Ukraine, known as Yosha or Corgi King. She/they.
My gallery is full of anthro characters but I am not stricly limited by that. I try to learn something new out of every order that I’ve done.
I’m open for a challenge and ready to try new things.

My whole life I’ve been interested in drawing. I guess my first drawing attempts started when parents left me for a few minutes with crayons and white wallpapers. They didn’t like the final result but I did enjoy it, haha. Since then drawing became a huge part of my life.
I’m aiming to make my own comic one day. Aside from making my own comic I’m also aiming to become a creative and reliable artist.
I’m still in the process of learning and exploring my art style and what I want to see in my works.

I appreciate every single person that I’ve worked with. Ya’ll are awesome! I’m looking forward to work with new people and improve my skill.


My good friend and a business partner Nov has opened an online shop! If you want to get something with a cute art on it, or a high quality custom made leash you can check his store here! I’ve made art for his shop and its still feel so surreal but I’m happy. So yeah, please check his store and give him love and support that he deserve!